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Workbridge assists employers across the country to find great staff. Visit our Success Stories page to get an idea of how we work.

We can help your business access the massive untapped talent pool of people with disabilities looking for work in New Zealand.

We fill around 3,500 vacancies every year. That's around 15 jobs each working day. We also provide recruitment advice and support to employers and can offer information and practical assistance about enabling employees to reach their potential at work.

The benefits for your business

Your business can benefit from the skills and abilities of Workbridge jobseekers.

International research shows disabled people often:

  • demonstrate excellent problem solving skills
  • have low absenteeism
  • stay in jobs for longer periods
  • cost similar amounts to employ to anyone else.

Three-quarters of disabled people work without additional support (New Zealand Census data).

For those who do require workplace support, modified hours is the most commonly reported need.

Relatively small numbers of disabled people need equipment, modifications, a job coach or communication services. Workbridge is able to arrange these workplace supports and funding.

A wider perspective

Employing more disabled staff allows employers to:

  • connect to a wider market - almost a quarter (24%) of our community have a disability and their support networks further increase the potential market for disability-friendly businesses
  • attract new skills and perspectives
  • prepare for an ageing workforce, as disability increases with age.

Click here to view Employment New Zealand's WorkABLE page on recruiting new staff, developed so that employers don't miss the potential offered by suitably qualified disabled people.

Facts and figures

  • 52% of employers had disabled people working in their organisation
  • 97% felt that disabled people deserved a fair go
  • Employers said they needed more information about disability, financial support for workplace support and training for staff.

Read the full report from the Think Differently Campaign here.

Find out more

To find out how we can help you find the right person for your business contact your local Workbridge employment consultant now.

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