Workbridge, where abilities equal employment.

What to expect

Workbridge works with jobseekers to help them fulfill their potential. Our approach is tailored to the individual needs of each person. We support jobseekers through a combination of the following:

  • career guidance counselling and curriculum vitae (CV) support
  • interview and assessment preparation
  • help with identifying potential positions
  • initial approach and negotiation with employers
  • interview support
  • post-interview feedback
  • support through induction periods, including meetings with new colleagues, and telephone support for the employee and their manager, as appropriate
  • follow-up meetings, including applications for funding of productivity assessments through the Job Support Fund
  • ongoing telephone support.

Often employers will not know that Workbridge has been involved. At other times Workbridge will be more visible: approaching employers, accompanying jobseekers to interviews, and explaining potential accommodation needs. Accommodations can include changes or modifications to the work environment, work practices or elements of the job, to enable a disabled person to carry out the job requirements.

The Workbridge recruitment process:

Stage One: Job Matching

You may have contacted Workbridge with a position you want us to fill, or one of our employment consultants may have approached you, either in response to a job advertisement or because we have jobseekers interested in working in a business like yours.

If you are interested in working with us, you will be assigned an employment consultant. Your employment consultant will meet with you to:

  • learn more about your business, and the factors related to the industry
  • discuss the position(s) you have available and the key tasks of the job
  • learn about the culture of your workplace
  • profile potential candidates.

Employment consultants can help you to determine core job tasks and identify essential and desirable job criteria.

If the employment consultant already has jobseekers who are likely to be interested in the position, they will talk to them about your vacancy.

You will receive the CVs of all candidates who meet the essential job criteria. You will have the opportunity to ask the employment consultant about any aspects related to disability which you may be concerned about. If relevant, and with the person's consent, they may discuss the candidate's disability with you.

If we do not have any suitable candidates for your position, we will give you the option of us forwarding the details of the position to another recruitment agency in your area. This is part of our commitment to providing excellent service to employers.

Stage Two: Interview and Selection

We will help candidates prepare for interviews and/or interview assessments. Employment consultants can provide advice on good interview practices for disabled candidates, e.g. how to approach the subject of disability at interview. If you use interview assessments, employment consultants can advise about practical, online or group assessments that are accessible to the candidate.

In some cases, your employment consultant will request to attend the interview to support the candidate. They will not answer for the person but will provide support to people who lack self-confidence, have limited interview experience or who need help to understand the questions.

Some candidates with hearing or speech impairments may need a NZ Sign Language interpreter. Workbridge will organise this and help you through the process.

Following the interview your employment consultant will discuss any additional questions you may have. This may include any potential accommodations to enable the candidate to fill the position.

Where changes to the physical environment are needed, or specialist equipment is required, your employment consultant will help you access funding for these accommodations. If a support person is needed, the employment consultant can help arrange their recruitment and training. In most cases,though, accommodations are not needed.

Stage Three: Induction and Follow-up Support

Your employment consultant will be on hand to help the new employee settle in as quickly as possible. If required, they may come with the client on their first day. They can make brief telephone calls or site visits to discuss progress.

Should you have any problems or questions, or simply want to talk a workplace issue through with someone, they will be at the end of the phone.

Workbridge strives to provide a high quality, timely and professional service to employers and appreciates feedback in order to help us continually improve.

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